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The Secrets of Grindlewood – The Queen’s Quest – Book 3

Jackie Burke

When Queen Lyra hears that the residents of Grindlewood garden have defeated the wicked warlock, she decides to enlist their help to release her from the Worfagons’ curse. But it soon becomes clear that the queen is not the kind and gentle ruler she once was.

After years of suffering under a terrible spell that left her in the form of a tree, Queen Lyra is bitter and angry. She becomes obsessed with Jamie’s beautiful dog, Timber, and threatens to keep him for herself unless the children agree to help her. She sends them on a quest to find the lost Book of Magic, an ancient and powerful book which holds the magic that can free her.

Timber the brave malamute once again leads Jamie, Jemima and their loyal band of pets in this new adventure. Their quest leads them to strange and eerie places, where they must face down mortal danger, dark magic and evil enemies to find the Book of Magic, free the queen from the curse, and ensure Timber’s safe return to Grindlewood.

Author bio

Jackie grew up with her sister and three brothers in South Dublin.  An avid reader and writer since her early school days, she only recently began writing childrenís stories, having dreamed of doing so for quite some time. The Secrets of Grindlewood: The Secret Scroll is the second instalment in the Grindlewood series. Book 1 was released in September 2013.

The series is inspired by all that Jackie loves in nature: gardens, forests, wildlife and especially cats and dogs. Reading, hill walking and baking cakes are just a few of her many hobbies. Jackie lives with her husband in Bray, County Wicklow. They share their home with a big fluffy cat called Millie.

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