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Stop Feeding Your Cancer: One Doctor’s Journey

Dr John Kelly

The link between animal protein and cancer became global news with the publication of an international lab study a decade ago. The facts were startling: a diet rich in animal and dairy products was shown to stimulate cancer cell growth.

But conventional medical institutions apparently overlooked the obvious. Counteracting the disease by promoting an animal protein free diet could be a revolutionary step in cancer recovery.

One visionary Dublin doctor chose to investigate the realities of the alternative approach to cancer treatment in a trial conducted with his own patients. What he learned may change our views of cancer forever.

Author bio

Dr John Kelly, the son of a prominent psychiatist, grew up and studied in Ireland, Africa and the US before opening his practice in suburban Dublin forty years ago. His interest in the science of nutrition is the foundation of this groundbreaking study on cancer control. Dr Kelly lives in North Dublin, and is married with grown-up children and grandchildren.

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