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Saving Eden

Kevin Corcoran

Once the envy of Europe, Ireland’s pristine envirionment has been butchered beyond recognition. This destruction is shockingly evident in The Gearagh, near Macroom in County Cork. Western Europe’s last primeval river forest, which was submerged beneath the flood waters of a hydroelectric reservoir in the mid-twentieth century.

In Saving Eden, Kevin Corcoran tells the fascinating story of Ireland’s vanquished temperate rainforests and exposes the disturbing truth about our efforts to protect nature and the environment in the twenty-first century. He reveals how the blind pursuit of progress wiped out The Gearagh and it’s unique forest-dwelling community, and how the destruction continues with such horrific intensity that a new approach to understand the relationship between humanity and nature is required.

By offering a better way forward, Saving Eden provides a profound new insight into how we can protect our fragile earthly home through sustainable living. Illustrated throughout with beautiful watercolour and ink artwork, it also paints an uplifting picture of the wonders of nature that will bring joy, hope and inspiration to everyone who respects the environment.

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