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Never a Dull Moment

Growing up in Belfast during the sixties and seventies wasn’t all bombs and bullets, doom and gloom – certainly not for Sean Stewart. In Never a Dull Moment, Sean looks back on the events of the period – big and small, national and local – through a collection of captivating short stories. He recalls the unique challenges, unforgettable characters, determination and love he encountered as a young man coming of age in a troubled time, and he draws a fascinating picture of the place that shaped him and made him the person he is today.

From “special” busses in Belfast to a magical “field of dreams” in Donegal, Sean conjures a time gone by with charm and often hysterical humour. A disarmingly honest and beautifully personal memoir, Never a Dull Moment is a love letter to an almost forgotten time but never forgotten people – truly a story of life, love and above all laughter.

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