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Learning to Fly

Isobel Mahon

When the groun’s cut from under your feet … there’s only one thing for it …

Things are looking pretty grim for kind-hearted stay-at-home mum Lucia. Taken for granted by her ungrateful daughters, talked down to by her glamorous best friend and cheated on by her architect husband, Lucia thinks things couldn’t get much worse … until she walks out of her delightful suburban home and moves into a dingy flat above the railway tracks. At forty-and-a-bit she’s wondering if this is the end of the line.

Following a botched attempt to end it all, Lucia suddenly realises that she’s, quite literally, not alone. She has a celestial being called Dariel by her side, and he’s determined to be her guide. But despite his beguiling looks and angelic nature, Dariel has a few dodgy habits of his own, and he has to sort himself out before he can get back to where he came from. Over the course of a Dublin summer, Dariel makes himself comfortable on Lucia’s sofa, and as an unlikely friendship blossoms, Lucia discovers that there’s more to life than she’d ever imagined.

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