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In the Hands of the People: A New Vision of Church

Phil Brennan

In the Hands of the People unravels the layers of what it means to be Church and penetrates to the core of what is important. Dr Phil Brennan places a spotlight on the unique features of a small Christian community and acclaims the role of people at the grassroots of the Church in transforming the landscape of what is to come. Out of the embers of the past the Church we aspire to is slowly but resolutely taking shape before our eyes. This book leads us to a new vantage point where all that once escaped us now becomes clear.

“This book takes us beyond Church, behind Church, around Church and challenges us to see things from a new perspective. The author, in his poetic, rigorous, passionate way, encourages us to keep struggling in our efforts to be the Gospel in the world today and to embrace all that awaits us when we gather in small communities in Jesus’ name. Our perceptions of Church are turned upside down and what emerges is something more real and more authentic.”

Gemma McKenna, co-founder of ‘Partners in Faith’, Dublin

“Phil Brennan maps out a new vision of Church that is at once challenging and uplifting. This is book captures the heightened sense of hope in the Catholic Church the world over with the election of Pope Francis. As the Pope cradles the sick child, holds the infirm man and reaches out to the hapless migrants of Lampedusa, he embodies all that he believes to be true. The Gospel is laid bare amongst us. This book comes providentially at this moment in history. A new pathway opens up before us from which there is no turning back.”

James O’Halloran, author and Salesian

Author bio

Dr Phil Brennan recently completed his doctoral thesis, ‘A Critical Evaluation of the Potential of Liberation Theology to Renew the Irish Church Today’. He combines his consultancy work in Christian communities of all denominations in Ireland and beyond with his role as musical director of ‘The Waterford Omagh Peace Choir’.

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