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Goodbye, My Son

Brian O’Mahony was diagnosed with leukaemia at eighteen and died just a few months later. In Goodbye, My Son Brian’s mother, Marian, shares her experience of her son’s journey through terminal illness, providing an invaluable insight into how to try to come to terms with even the most devastating of tragedies.

Suddenly plunged into the role of carer, and without any experience to draw on, Marian was confused and scared by a future that seemed to hold no hope. But she desperately sought to ‘get it right’, even when she wasn’t sure what that might mean. From diagnosis through terminal living, bereavement and beyond, Marian describes her family’s struggle to continue to live a meaningful life.

Containing practical coping strategies and hard-learned lessons, Goodbye, My Son offers hope and comfort to anyone dealing with life-altering circumstances. Marian looks at issues such as accepting help when you feel beaten and exhausted, arranging a moving funeral ceremony and creating a degree of normality in the weeks and months that follow. She also talks about how to reach out sensitively to those grieving the loss of a loved one, and explains how the community played an important role in her family’s recovery.

Written with great warmth, honesty and candour, Goodbye, My Son is a touching tribute to a very special young man and a valuable resource for any family facing the challenges of terminal illness.

‘A wonderful book from someone who has experienced the loss of a son. In the midst of her heartache Marian compiled this book to equip others who may find themselves in a similar situation.’


‘Goodbye, My Son is thought provoking and heart rending. Written with great warmth and honesty, it offers hope and comfort to anyone faced with personal tragedy.’


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About the Author

Marian O’Mahony is a graduate of University College Cork and works in the Environment and Sustainability Department at ESB Networks. She lives with her family in Cork, Ireland.

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