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Good Morning, My Beautiful Angel

Siobhán McHale

I would love to understand the meaning behind the most painful experiences we must endure in life. If I go back and look at everything from the beginning, I might be able to do that.

Siobhán McHale grew up surrounded by a loving family in rural Tyrone in the 1960s. In 1972, their idyllic world was shattered when Siobhán’s sister, Kathleen, was killed by a terrorist bomb while posting her wedding invitations.

Forty years later, Siobhan’s twenty-year-old daughter, Gemma, died tragically in a car accident, leaving behind a shattered family, a shocked community and many unanswered questions. In an effort to deal with the grief of losing her child, Siobhán began writing letters to her beloved daughter. Over time, the letters became a manuscript and the manuscript became this searingly honest and touching memoir.

Siobhán traces her family’s journey through grief and despair towards acceptance and healing, chronicling their efforts to draw meaning from a senseless tragedy and their quest to get justice for Gemma through a cold and impersonal legal system.

Both a moving tribute to a vibrant young girl and the story of an ordinary Northern Irish family trying to navigate a period of great turmoil, Good Morning, My Beautiful Angel explores a family’s devotion to their faith and the strong bonds of kinship that have sustained them over four generations.

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