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Gifted Education in Ireland and the United States

Edited by Jennifer H. Robbins.

Despite their similarities, gifted children remain a diverse group. They come from every background and have different interests, abilities and academic potential. This means that the educational needs of gifted children vary greatly, and educators must respond in a way that recognizes and supports their individuality.

Gifted Education in Ireland and the United States examines the current thinking and best practice in the education of exceptional children. It brings together a range of experts to provide an overview of the field in the two countries and to explore areas such as:

• curriculum development

• the social and emotional needs of gifted students

• availability of programmes and courses

• Internet resources

• accelerated education

The result of a collaboration between CTY Ireland at Dublin City University and the Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary – two institutions renowned for their work in the area – this book is an important and timely addition to the literature on the subject. From parents and educators to researchers working in the field, Gifted Education in Ireland and the United States is an invaluable resource for anyone navigating the world of the gifted child.

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