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And So I Dare

And So I Dare

And So I Dare is a collection of 7 real stories (interviews) from 7 different countries about 7 exceptional people. And about courage and the experience of fighting against your own demons. Despite not being able to see, or being the size of a child, or working as a prostitute, or having problems with alcohol.
The book is divided into 7 chapters and is illustrated by 30 conceptual photos. Each chapter has a different mood, is coloured in a different shade, deals with a different pain and heals a different heartache.
And So I Dare takes readers through an intimate journey of the most difficult moments in life of 7 modern samurai and tells about their fight for their place in this world.
And So I Dare is inspirational to all of us not feeling brave enough. At least not yet…

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About the Author

Denisa Vojtényi is a Slovak-Hungarian journalist. She worked for one of Slovakia’s major newspapers, Hospodárske noviny, and for the Slovak national broadcaster RTVS. She has interviewed more than a hundred public figures including Jeremy Irons and Steve Forbes.
Stefano Tognon has a degree in Astronomy and since then he has been exploring the world of Digital Photography. His pictures are imbued with a classical Italian sensibility combined with a modern approach. He has already held several exhibitions in Dublin.

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