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Uncoiling the Ropes

Clare Sheridan

1970s Ireland had a message for Clare Sheridan: ‘Girls don’t climb.’ But in an era when there was…MORE

Biomedical Controversies in Catholic Ireland

Don O’Leary

Ireland’s recent religious and social history have been turbulent. The repeal of the Eighth Amendment was a watershed…MORE

The Green Platoon

Martin Hand

When a platoon of raw Irish Army recruits is sent to the Middle East on a UN peacekeeping…MORE

On the Border

Marie McCartan

September 1921, and civil unrest is simmering across Ireland. At a rally in Armagh City, Michael Collins, the…MORE

Harp Maiden

Jackie Burke

It’s 1899, and fourteen-year-old Evelyn Wells has just won the opportunity of a lifetime: a scholarship to study…MORE

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

John Killeen

Athlone in the 1950s – Guinness barges steam up the Shannon with their precious cargo; turf boats chug…MORE


Dolores Lyons

Kelda is a true Viking girl and she loves adventure. Soon she and her family will leave Norway…MORE

Control and Constraints

Maurice Curtis

Militant Catholicism in 20th century Ireland found expression in the Catholic Action Movement. This became one of the…MORE

Laura’s Spooky Show

Natasha Mac a’Bháird

‘The Star Club series has everything you need: friendship, excitement, suspense and even a little bit of magic.’…MORE

Gist of Lives and Lies

HJ Curtin

The Irish parliament has become radical, raucous and rancorous, trawling, brawling and bawling to hide its failure to…MORE

Anti Santy

Siobhán O’Hickey

Anti Santy and Gad are very cross with Santa because he always puts them on his naughty list…MORE

The Watsons

Rose Servitova and Jane Austen

“A gift for Austen fans everywhere – full of wit, informed imagination and palpable affection for Austen’s characters.”…MORE

City of Ys

Colin Deeny

King Gradlon loves his daughter, Princess Dahut, more than anything. He loves her so much that he will…MORE

Finding Your Way

Elizabeth McKenna

Inspired by her deep spirituality and guided by her ever-present angels, Elizabeth McKenna has walked and cycled many…MORE

Blackrock Athletic Club: An Epic Journey 1944–2019

Tom Kelly

Blackrock Athletic Club has travelled an epic Journey since 1944. From its small beginnings during World War II,…MORE

The Ministry of Dreams

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy’s poetry is an engaging and disarming expression of his distilled truth. At once accessible and profound,…MORE

Songs and Portobellos III

M.A. McCormack

“I’m sorry to speak so bitter, but if there ever a divil in the form of a man…MORE

The Lost Orchard

Theresa Hayes

The Lost Orchard is an intimate portrait of an Irish family in the wake of the Great War.…MORE

Family Unplugged

Peter Cosgrove

AN ACTIVITY BOOK THAT THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ENJOY Looking for a way to spend some quality time…MORE

Playing With Skulls

Maurice Curtis

Set in the Dublin suburb of Harold’s Cross, this is the gripping story of growing up in an…MORE

Dublin Be Damned!

Maurice Curtis

Dublin occupies a unique place in Ireland’s social and cultural history. Dublin Be Damned! explores the iconic city…MORE

Ruby and Jack

Helen Ryan

Every day, when Jack passes Ruby’s house on his way to school, Ruby runs to the gate and…MORE

Insights Into An Unsighted World

Robert Thompson

Often when we encounter people with disabilities in our daily lives, we are unsure of how to react…MORE


Daphne Matthews Whelan

All of us are on a journey that takes us down many roads. Sometimes we take a wrong…MORE

Nicholas, Santa and the Big Hullabaloo

Colin Deeny

Nicholas and the mischievous elves are back for another adventure. This year the list of children is even…MORE

Fun Unplugged

Peter Cosgrove

Fun Unplugged: Outsmart, entertain and amaze your friends! A fantastic book for kids to entertain and outsmart others…MORE

A Present of an Orange

Seymour Cresswell

A Present of an Orange is a collection of twenty-four distinctive and entertaining new stories from Seymour Cresswell.…MORE

Bosun’s Daughter

Joe Thuillier

A love story…a bar girl and a disgraced sea captain; a face off between two super powers; assassinations,…MORE

A Suggestion of Scandal

Catherine Kullmann

If only he could find a lady who was tall enough to meet his eyes, intelligent enough not…MORE

Neighbours in Pettigo

Dan Dowling

The River Termon divides Pettigo both geographically and politically. Half of this small Ulster village is in County…MORE

The Girl From Clare

Críona Ní Gháirbhith

As a poet, essayist and memoir writer, Críona Ní Gháirbhith displays a keen eye for striking images and…MORE

Who Is Your Guru?

Jennifer Hudson

Who Is Your Guru? Is a collection of essays about psychotherapy, self-reflection and the impact they can have…MORE

The Torchbearers

Bairbre Higgins

Seeking sanctuary, burnt-out fund manager Ariel Mignolet retreats to the New Mexican desert near Prospero, an isolated settlement…MORE

An Irregular Piece of Sky and other poems by Jeffrey Sinclair

An Irregular Piece of Sky and Other Poems

Jeffrey Sinclair

Jeffrey Sinclair is a man of words and feelings who writes about life with all its joy and…MORE

The Thirsty Stranger by V. A. Fearon

The Thirsty Stranger

V.A. Fearon

Dani Fenton is back. She’s fresh out of prison with a new attitude, and she finally got the…MORE

Spirituality: A User's Guide by Therese F. Hicks

Spirituality: A User’s Guide

Therese F. Hicks

The most rewarding journey is the one that leads to yourself. What you believe about yourself shapes your…MORE

The Secrets of Grindlewood Book 5 Othelia's Orb

The Secrets of Grindlewood – Othelia’s Orb – Book 5

Jackie Burke

The Grindlewood Army is back! The children and their pets have found Othelia’s mysterious and powerful orb, but…MORE

The Old House by Teresa Cahill

The Old House

Theresa Cahill

When Nora Croake unexpectedly inherits an old house and €1 million from her Uncle Richard, she is surprised,…MORE

Providing for the special needs of students with gifts and talents

Providing for the Special Needs of Students with Gifts & Talents

Edited by Jennifer Riedl Cross, Ph.D., Colm O’Reilly, Ph.D. and Tracy L. Cross, Ph.D.

How do we help students with special gifts and talents to achieve their potential? The support of parents,…MORE

Roots and Wings by Alex Koster M.Ed.

Roots and Wings

Alex Koster M. Ed.

The experience of childhood has changed dramatically over the last decades. Children and teenagers are presented with many…MORE

And So I Dare

And So I Dare

Denisa Vojtényi

And So I Dare is a collection of 7 real stories (interviews) from 7 different countries about 7 exceptional…MORE

Storytellers, edited by Anna Fox


Anna Fox (editor)

A grandmother discovers a dead body on her morning walk. A stranded woman is forced to confront the…MORE

About Face by Bethany Barnett

About Face

Bethany Barnett

An explosion. A vow. A chance decision. Now each must live with the fallout from his actions. There…MORE

The Coup and Other Stories by Brendan Flood

The Coup and Other Stories

Brendan Flood

In this sparkling new collection of memoir and short fiction, Brendan Flood reveals himself to be a man…MORE

Songs and Portobellos II by MA MacCormack

Songs and Portobellos II

M.A. McCormack

You and I have often spoken of Hamlet, and as I write this, I come to mind of…MORE

Nicholas, Santa uses his noggin by Colin Deeny

Nicholas, Santa Uses His Noggin

Colin Deeny & Martin Beckett (Illustrator)

Nicholas and the mischievous elves are back for another adventure! The elves have been asleep for months, but…MORE

The Seagull Who Won the Lotto by Julia Ni Cheallaigh

The Seagull Who Won The Lotto

Julia Ní Cheallaigh

Iarla is a young seagull from the Blasket Islands, off the Atlantic coast of West Kerry. After he…MORE

The Longbourn Letters

Rose Servitova

Where Pride and Prejudice ends, a new relationship begins. Good-humoured but detached and taciturn, Mr Bennet is not…MORE

Alannah, Lorcan and the Wolf

James Fallon

Only the strength of their friendship and the gifts they possess can save them. Alannah’s world is torn…MORE

See You In Two Minutes, Ma

Linda Allen

“This is a gripping story that needs to be told and deserves to be heard. The urgency comes…MORE