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The Longbourn Letters

Rose Servitova

Where Pride and Prejudice ends, a new relationship begins. Good-humoured but detached and taciturn, Mr Bennet is not…MORE

Alannah, Lorcan and the Wolf

James Fallon

Only the strength of their friendship and the gifts they possess can save them. Alannah’s world is torn…MORE

See You In Two Minutes, Ma

Linda Allen

“This is a gripping story that needs to be told and deserves to be heard. The urgency comes…MORE

Is that Fat Foreigner Rich?

Graeme Allen

In 1994, Irishman Graeme Allen arrived in Urumqi, China, the most landlocked city in the world. With barely…MORE

An Equal Difference

G. S. Motola

G.S. Motola combines stunning images and thoughtful text in this revealing exploration of Iceland’s relationship with equality, feminism…MORE

The Secrets of Grindlewood – Zora’s Revenge – Book 4

Jackie Burke

The banished sorceress Zora has returned and she is hungry for revenge. The peace-loving Wandeleis must prepare to…MORE

Goodbye, My Son

Marian O'Mahony

Brian O’Mahony was diagnosed with leukaemia at eighteen and died just a few months later. In Goodbye, My…MORE

A Place In My Heart

Charlie O’Sullivan

When Galway girl Charlie O’Sullivan goes on a fun holiday to Italy, love is the last thing on…MORE

The Truth Finds A Way

Margaret St. Leger

Eighteen-year-old Maria Kendall leaves Dublin to make her way in 1960s London as a student nurse. Innocent and…MORE

Under The Wild Sky

Mary Ryan

After centuries of oppression, trouble is fermenting in Ireland. As anti-English sentiment builds, trainee teacher Ellen Healy falls…MORE

Food Needs Labelling, People Don’t

Chris Ricketts

A journey from gender confusion to self-acceptance. Not everyone identifies as male or female. Chris Ricketts always knew…MORE

Inside Out

Chris Ricketts

He will kill the woman in his life. She will welcome her death. Joe plans to end his…MORE

A Chaplet of Roses

Michael Murphy

“Michael’s poetry expresses truths at once deeply personal and universal in their resonances. His poems continue to flower…MORE

On Butterfly Wings

Karen Power

When Monique Chevalier’s boyfriend moves to to Dubai, his departure and the arrival of a mysterious letter force…MORE

Songs and Portobellos

M.A. McCormack

Song and Portobellos is a magical story set in the 1960s and it follows the lives of two…MORE

Adoption Stories

Sharon Lawless

Adoption was legalised in Ireland in 1952, since when, almost 45,000 legal adoptions have taken place.  It’s estimated…MORE

The Secrets of Grindlewood – The Queen’s Quest – Book 3

Jackie Burke

When Queen Lyra hears that the residents of Grindlewood garden have defeated the wicked warlock, she decides to…MORE

A Prescription for Happiness

Dr Mark Rowe

In this groundbreaking book Dr Mark Rowe draws on philosophy, psychology and years of professional experience to explain…MORE

The Red Tractor – Tales from Riverside Farm – Book 3

Alma Jordan

‘Should you ever be in fear, call three times and I will hear!’ It’s autumn on Riverside Farm.…MORE

The Big Brown Bull – Tales from Riverside Farm – Book 2

Alma Jordan

‘Should you ever be in fear, call three times and I will hear!’ A big brown bull has…MORE

The Tree Swing – Tales from Riverside Farm – Book 1

Alma Jordan

‘Should you ever be in fear, call three times and I will hear!’ It’s finally summer at Riverside…MORE

Gifted Education in Ireland and the United States

Edited by Jennifer H. Robbins.

Despite their similarities, gifted children remain a diverse group. They come from every background and have different interests,…MORE

Butterfly Barn

Karen Power

Three women, two continents, one dream Grace Fitzgerald is about to sign a contract with an American cruise…MORE

Catering To Your Imagination: CYTI 2014 Class

Centre for Talented Youth Ireland; Edited by Claire Hennessy

From time-travelling detectives to girls hidden in attics, from Angsty Teenage Poetry to awkward matchmaking events, from dark…MORE

In the Hands of the People: A New Vision of Church

Phil Brennan

In the Hands of the People unravels the layers of what it means to be Church and penetrates…MORE

Stop Feeding Your Cancer: One Doctor’s Journey

Dr John Kelly

The link between animal protein and cancer became global news with the publication of an international lab study…MORE

Taking the Plunge

dlr LexIcon

To celebrate the opening of dlr LexIcon, the new library and cultural centre in the heart of Dún…MORE

Richard Harris – The Biography

Michael Feeney Callan

Richard Harris was as much renowned for his hellraising lifestyle as for his commanding performances. In this celebrated…MORE

Entertaining with Andrew Rudd

Andrew Rudd

Andrew Rudd shares his passion for delicious food and stylish entertaining in this beautifully illustrated cookbook that draws…MORE

Well Seasoned Stories – CTYI Mini Novel Writing Spring 2013

Edited by Jill Moriarty. Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland at Dublin City University

Magic, wonder and mystery are sprinkled across each page of these well-seasoned stories by the talented young writers…MORE

The Secrets of Grindlewood: The Secret Scroll – Book 2

Jackie Burke

Timber the brave malamute leads the enchanted animals of Grindlewood garden as they continue their perilous quest to…MORE

Dazzled by Daylight

Peter Cornish

Dazzled by Daylight is the true story of how its half-blind author built his childhood dream on a…MORE

The Woman and the Rabbit

Michael Feeney Callan

Age, friends, family, sex and death. And love? At fifty Patricia is in crisis. Her life has been…MORE

The Girl with The Treasure Chest

V A Fearon

Dani Fenton thought her life was sorted. But when her private and professional lives collide, she is forced…MORE

Word of Mouth

Denise MacCarthy and Lia Mills (Editors)

Every year 300–400 people are diagnosed with mouth, head and neck cancers in Ireland. It can be a…MORE


David Graham

Winner of the John Murray Show, RTÉ Radio 1/RTÉ Guide/Kazoo competition A brutal conflict unleashed. Who stands to…MORE

Words to Tie to Bricks

Centre for Talented Youth Ireland; Edited by Claire Hennessy

Broken hearts. Broken worlds. Broken windows. There’s something for everyone in this collection of new work by teenage…MORE

A Winter’s Tail

Cara Collum

A Winter’s Tail by Cara Collum, is aimed at 0-5 year olds, it describes the mayhem created at…MORE

Going Solo on Lake Como

Ciara O'Toole

Sometimes flying by the seat of your pants is the best thing you can do … When Ciara…MORE

Fionn and the Legend of the Blood Emeralds

Tom O'Neill

Dark McLean is in a terrifying race to find a cure for the mystery illness that is rapidly…MORE

An Argument for Sin

Mike Feeney Callan

Michael Feeney Callan’s love of poetry began at an early age, when he became fascinated by the mystery…MORE

The Secrets of Grindlewood

Jackie Burke

Who will solve the mystery of Grindlewood garden before it’s too late? The good witch Wanda has been…MORE


Music for Valentine

Gregory Raftery

Summer 1954. The South Connemara coast. Idyllic summer days. Then a tragedy. Valentine, a young lad from Dublin…MORE

No Bother

Ferdia Mac Anna

No Bother is a collection of new creative writing from Dundalk writers, compiled and edited by 2012/13 DkIT…MORE


Eoin McCabe

Open is for those who are tired of trying to be happy, of trying to succeed or change,…MORE

Love & the Goddess

Mary Elizabeth Coen

When Cookery teacher Kate Canavan’s perfect life falls apart she moves to Galway City. Her friend James urges…MORE